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Do You Know Who You Are . . . ?

Who Are You and Where Are You From . . . ? I love Caller ID. I especially like the version that lists the person’s name and where they are calling from. When I was a kid we didn’t have Caller ID – we had to actually answer the phone to find out who was … Continue reading

The Facts About Exercise: Don’t Make These “Myth”-stakes – Part 3 of 3

In part three of this three-part series we will look at several more pieces of misinformation regarding exercise. Many people are willing to share “wisdom” from their personal experiences, and while this may seem helpful to the less experienced, it is wise to check the facts for yourself. Please take time to go back and explore Parts One … Continue reading

The Facts About Exercise: Don’t Make These “Myth”-stakes – Part 2 of 3

Part two of this three-part series addresses several more exercise-related myths which may appear to be sound advice, and then shares with you the behind-the-scenes facts. It is surprising how much misinformation exists on any number of topics including exercise. Many people are willing to share “wisdom” from their personal experiences, and while this may seem helpful to the … Continue reading

The Facts About Exercise: Don’t Make These “Myth”-stakes – Part 1 of 3

Welcome to Spring! As the weather warms up, many people are encouraged to “get fit” for the summer season. If it has been awhile since you have exercised, you may want to take a moment to get some guidelines on how to set realistic goals for getting started (Click Here). There are a few things you should know … Continue reading

The Gift: A Parable

There once was a man who was given a rare and precious diamond. It was the most valuable gift that anyone had ever received since the beginning of time. Not really knowing what to do with such great wealth, the man decided to keep the priceless gem in an old shoe box — just until … Continue reading

My Business Model Totally Sucks!

OK. I’m a little slow sometimes, but I am starting to understand. My business model is totally wrong. I have completely missed the point of being in the counseling business. And here is the problem – My clients get “well” too quickly. It seems that most counselors see clients for 30-40 minutes, and then stop … Continue reading

Would You Believe It . . . ?

WOW! Who could have guessed? Certainly not me! One of my recent posts – Try This – I Dare You! – has inspired many folks to email me requesting permission to use this information in other settings – to which I have responded in the affirmative (as long as my contact information is included, of … Continue reading

Discover the New and Improved You! – Part Two

Wow! Is It Fast! The rate of renewal in our physical bodies is amazing. Radioactive isotope studies have shown that each of us literally replace 98% of all the atoms in our bodies in less than a year, every year. So at the beginning of a year, when someone wishes you Happy New Year, it … Continue reading

Discover the New and Improved You! – Part One

Have you ever considered the word New? Advertisers tell us it is one of the most important words in our language. Put the word New on a product package and sales improve. And if you use New and Improved, watch out! Unfortunately, the word new is used to deceive just as often as it is … Continue reading

Standardized Testing – The god of our schools

Today’s post may seem totally unrelated to what I usually write about (health, wellness, stress management, etc.), but for me it is totally correlated. The health of our society can easily be seen in our public schools because schools are a microcosm representation of our society — a reflection, if you will. The poem below … Continue reading

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