A Comedy Hypnosis Show

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A Comedy Hypnosis Show Is The Best Entertainment For Grad Parties and Post-Prom

Hypno High School

Hypnosis FAQs

Dr. Gary Flegal’s Comedy Hypnosis Will Make Your Next Event Amazing, Fun, and Unforgettably Successful — Guaranteed!!!

Graduation is a once in a lifetime event! Many communities celebrate this milestone by planning “all-nighter” parties for their high school seniors. Most communities hold this party on graduation day. Other communities hold a similar party on the night of the Senior Prom and call it the “Post-Prom” or “After-PromParty. The intention of the parent committees that plan these events is to create an incredible party for the students while creating an environment that is guaranteed to be safe and alcohol free. With the temptation to use drugs and alcohol, Dr. Gary Flegal knows how important it is to provide clean, safe and age appropriate entertainment. He is a former public school teacher and a certified professional hypnotist (certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists).

High school entertainment committees for these events are often perplexed at how to keep their students engaged for such an extended period of time. I can help solve part of this problem for you with my 75 minute comedy hypnosis show. The show is the most engaging and eagerly anticipated activity of the evening. Hypnosis shows are great entertainment and can also give students useful suggestions. I will leave your students feeling empowered. It’s no exaggeration to say that the show will keep 100% of your students absolutely enthralled for the duration of the performance. You can be assured that I take every precaution to ensure the well-being of the student participants at all times. The kids will NOT be out of control at all. The participants will be well-managed and in control the entire time – as a former public school teacher and college professor I have the experience and know-how to work and have fun with your students!

The Fun Starts When Your Students Become The Stars Of The Show !!!

Laughs are guaranteed. Witness the volunteers fall asleep at the snap of a finger and play in an imaginary orchestra that will have your students laughing and applauding, without embarrassing the volunteers. That is just the beginning of a fun-filled 75 minutes of hilarious hypnotic skits.

My Show Is Safe High School Entertainment

The students experience maximum fun in the context of a safe environment.  Hypnosis itself is absolutely safe. Sometimes people ask if it is possible to get “stuck” in the trance state? The answer is no, that is impossible. The trance state is very similar to daydreaming. Nobody ever gets “stuck” in a daydream or trapped in the middle of an afternoon nap! We are dealing with natural phenomena. What the general public does not realize is that hypnosis is a state of intense mental focus, like being “in the zone” at a level of peak performance.

The Content Of My Show Is Student Appropriate

I am not like some comedy hypnotists who embarrass their participants with routines that could only be appropriate in a Las Vegas show for adults. My show provides hilarious high school entertainment without resorting to cheap laughs. This is the safe, conservative, clean comedy show that you can feel good about booking for your high school event. You will get an outstanding performance that is both administrator approved and enthusiastically received by your students.

Your student audience volunteers become the actual stars of the show! The performance is the perfect high school entertainment choice for:

Grad Night Events
High School Assemblies
Post-Prom Parties

My show is a fun, energetic, and tastefully delivered program designed to truly engage your students. Imagine your students:

  • Laughing Hysterically!

  • Applauding Wildly!

  • Participating Enthusiastically!

The additional benefit of this program is that your students will learn the truth about Hypnosis and their own inherent abilities to employ visualization techniques to increase their self-esteem, sharpen their study skills, and achieve their goals.

Serving All Of Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia,

and The Surrounding Areas

Gary L. Flegal, Ph.D.
Greater Nashville Area
Phone: 615-812-7280

Call or use the form below to contact Dr. Flegal. Include as much information about your event as possible in the Comment Field. Thank you!



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