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How to Manage Your Anger – Part 3

( . . . continued from Part 2, where The Deadly M.O.A.N.S were discussed as a tool to help identify the seeds of anger.) Taking Responsibility Of course, cognitive restructuring requires something that many people don’t want: responsibility. How does it make you feel — what does it make you think — to consider that you … Continue reading

How to Manage Your Anger – Part 2

(. . . continued from Part 1, where a case is made for the importance of anger management.) The MOANS There are a few words that show up quite often in distorted and angry thinking. Learning to recognize and hear these words in our thoughts and speech will (almost) make working with cognitive distortions fun. This … Continue reading

How to Manage Your Anger – Part 1

(The Basics of Cognitive Restructuring and Anger Management, Part 1 of 3) Anger is one of the normal emotions that human beings experience. Anger is also one of our most dynamic and forceful emotions, and, as such, has the potential to move us powerfully. Emotions are not good or bad; they are simply a part … Continue reading

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