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Stress Management – The Real Work: Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the need to reestablish a sense of balance in our lives. Let us now explore some ideas and suggestions to help us get things better under control. Re-order Priorities There has never been a person who, upon reaching their last gasping breath, said, “I wish I had spent more time … Continue reading

Stress Management – The Real Work: Part 1

Memorial Day Summer’s here and for many it is vacation time. When I was a child this meant Dad and us kids getting everything packed on Friday afternoon before Mom got home from work so we would be ready to pull out of the driveway just about as soon as she arrived. Mom and Dad … Continue reading

Taking Charge of Your Well-Being: Making the Little Things Count

There is an old joke that has always been a favorite of mine. Q. Why do kindergarten teachers enjoy their work? A. Because they make the little things count. Almost everyone I know wants to do something about improving their level of health and wellness. But most people are not doing much about it, and … Continue reading

Try These – I Dare You!

If you knew something that was easy and simple to do that would make a measurable, dramatic improvement in your health, why would you not do it? In my previous posting I actually dared you to do something that would make you feel better and improve your health. It was very simple and easy to … Continue reading

My Top 10 Posts from 2012

Just a quick share of My Top 10 Posts from 2012, chosen based on the number of people who have clicked on the links for these blog posts. They are listed in order starting with the most read posting and going down. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has read and supported my efforts for the blog. Blessings to you for … Continue reading

A Countdown to Christmas: 25 Tips for Dealing with Stress – Part 3

(. . . continued from Part 2, where we explored more suggestions for managing Holiday Stress.) Stress has always been a part of the holidays. Today’s post continues with 6 more tips to help manage stress for the Holiday Season. 11. Let children known in advance when they are expected to be quiet and still. … Continue reading

A Countdown to Christmas: 25 Tips for Dealing with Stress – Part 2

(. . . continued from Part 1, where we acknowledged that stress is inherently a part of the holidays.) A large part of managing family stress for the holidays includes keeping interactions with children positive. This means keeping things positive for both children and adults. Today’s post includes five more tips to help deal with … Continue reading

A Countdown to Christmas: 25 Tips for Dealing with Stress – Part 1

(Part 1 of 4 . . .) “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Please do put a penny in the old man’s hat . . .” So go the words from an ancient tune. Christmas is definitely coming and bringing with it many things we love – and a few that we don’t. … Continue reading

Retreat — Full Speed Ahead!

When was the last time you took a holiday? The more popular term here in the States is “vacation.” However, our British and Canadian world-neighbors have it more properly correct. Instead of asking when you are going on vacation, they ask if you are going on holiday. The distinction here is important because the word … Continue reading

Announcing: An Incredible Speaker Series – Healthy for the Holidays

Today’s post is to let you know about an exciting series to help you get ready for the holidays. The series is hosted by my friend, Laurel Staples, Certified Health Coach. If stress has been a major part of your holidays in the past, be proactive this year and think about finding another way — … Continue reading

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Stress can cause severe health problems if not managed properly. In extreme cases stress can lead to physical symptoms which can even cause death. While stress management techniques have been shown to have a positive effect on reducing stress, the information on this website is for guidance only. Readers should seek the advice of suitably qualified health professionals if they have any concerns over stress-related illnesses or if stress is causing significant or persistent unhappiness. Health professionals should also be consulted before any major change in diet or levels of exercise.